George & Ravi in Encinitas, CA

George Harrison & Ravi Shankar One gorgeous Saturday morning I decided to take a drive up to North County to a funky and totally awesome little beach town called Encinitas. I knew Ravi Shankar had lived and died in Encinitas, and that George visited him there several times. Lucky for me, it’s only about 20 minutes away Specifically, I was […] Continue reading →

A Day in the Life: June 10, 1968

John and Yoko 1968 Ever the innovators and creative connoisseurs, Revolution 9 is when things went from weird to completely off the wall strange for many Beatles fans. We already recognize the White Album as more of a compilation of individual songs, with many of them only featuring a few of the band members–or only one in the case […] Continue reading →

Song Lyric Sundays: In My Life

In My Life song lyrics In My Life Song Meaning From the album “Rubber Soul,” “In My Life” was one of John’s earliest autobiographical songs. He touted it as his “first real major piece of work,” and Beatles fans can’t deny the hauntingly sentimental song was a turning point in his writing – not to mention a timeless masterpiece. The […] Continue reading →