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It’s Game 6 of the NBA Finals!

All In Cleveland Cavaliers

There’s only one quarter left and we’re down…by too much. It’s not looking good, people. The Grit Squad is a perfect nickname for the Cavs. Nothing comes easy in C-town–especially when it comes to our sports teams. Always the underdogs. When we get close, the Cleveland curse goes into effect and we blow it at the end….whether it’s complete BS calls from refs, injuries, or just not playing well. I.. Read More

5 Successful Blogging Tips to Learn from The Beatles

Beatles songwriting session

John Lennon once said of The Beatles, “We were just a band who made it very, very big. That’s all.”   If you’re familiar with the story of The Beatles, you’ll know that’s not all–far from it. From the band members and a whole lot of hard work to global events and the people that came into (and out of) their lives, one thing’s for sure–a lot of factors contributed.. Read More

Paul McCartney’s Out There Tour | VIP Experience

Nicole Tomassetti at Paul McCartney's San Diego Concert

Wow. I feel as if I’ve been waiting forever for Paul McCartney’s San Diego concert at Petco Park to arrive–and last night it finally did! I previously posted that I scored a VIP ticket as part of the Hot Sound package for his Out There Tour. That meant I got to go to a special reception, soundcheck, and dinner. Oh, and my seat for the concert? Row 4. Seat #9.. Read More

Paul McCartney Out There Tour: The Hot Sound VIP Package

Paul McCartney on stage I’m going to see Paul McCartney live and in person for the first time after all these years. He didn’t come to Ohio very often (where I grew up), and when he did, his shows of course sold out almost immediately. Now that I live in the land of abundant opportunity (i.e. California), my dream of seeing him in concert is finally coming true! But, that’s not all. I.. Read More

George Harrison & Ravi Shankar in Encinitas, CA

George Harrison & Ravi Shankar

One gorgeous Saturday morning I decided to take a drive up to North County to a funky and totally awesome little beach town called Encinitas. I knew Ravi Shankar had lived and died in Encinitas, and that George Harrison visited him there several times. Lucky for me, it’s only about 20 minutes away Specifically, I was looking for the Self Realization Fellowship Temple and accompanying meditation gardens, where Ravi and.. Read More